Our Initiatives

Sodexo at the University of Southern Maine prioritizes sustainable practices as part of our Better Tomorrow Plan: For your health and for the planet. You'll experience trayless dining to reduce waste, you'll use compostable napkins, and you'll learn more about how to make a positive impact on the environment through USM Dining activities. We're especially excited about The Maine Course by Sodexo, our initiative for local food sourcing. Visit mainecoursebysodexo.com to learn more!

USM WasteWatch Reusable Container Program

USM Dining Services is proud to provide reusable service ware for use in all of our dining operations.  Reusable clamshells and hot / cold mugs are available to be purchased in Brooks Dining Hall, Woodbury Food Court and Husky Hideaway Snack Bar but can be used in any dining location at USM.  Containers can be purchased for the following prices using cash, credit card, meal plan dollars or Husky Bucks.

USM Wastewatch digital graphic for SMW 

Reusable Clamshell To-Go Container  ($4.99) Save $.25 on every purchase with use!

Reusable Hot / Cold Mug  ($4.99) Pay only the price of a refill with use!


Residential Use:

Reusable clamshells can be used in our newly renovated Brooks Dining Hall as a to go option.  Once you have purchased the container, you simply swap it out for a clean container or carabiner (if you don’t feel like carrying around a container) anytime you are looking to take a meal to go.  (To Go meals require a meal swipe).  Approved reusable hot and cold mugs can be used anytime as part of your meal swipe to take a hot beverage, cold beverage or smoothie out of the dining hall.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure hot and cold mugs are kept clean as they are not part of the swap program.

Retail Use:

Reusable containers can be used in any of our retail locations as an alternative to disposable service ware.  As with Residential Dining, reusable clamshells can be swapped out for a clean container or caribiner (if you don’t feel like carrying around a container).  As an added incentive to use the reusable clamshell, you will receive a $.25 discount on your purchase anytime that you use it!  Additionally, any time you use an approve reusable hot or cold mug, you will only pay the price for a refill.  That is substantial savings each time you choose to refill versus purchasing a beverage in a new disposable cup.

Please come back to this page often as we make updates to our program. Feel free to call 207-780-5420 if you have any questions about the program.