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By protecting and improving our environment, the communities where we do business and the students we serve, Sodexo makes every day a better day and every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

Meet the Team

Your Sodexo dining team is made up of people right from your local community who are proud to serve you every day.

USM Team

From menu and event planning, to community food drives and wellness education, your local dining team wants to make sure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

Tadd Stone, General Manager
Tadd Stone
General Manager
(207) 780-5421

Kevin Wiacek, Operations Manager, Gorham
Kevin Wiacek
Operations Director
(207) 780-5217

Olivia Doucette, Operations Director, Portland
Olivia Doucette
Operations Director, Portland
(207) 780-4978

Kera Snyder, Food Service Manager, Gorham
Kera Snyder
Food Service Manager
(207) 780-5760

Lorrie Mininger, Office Manager, Gorham
Lorrie Mininger
Office Manager, Gorham
(207) 780-5762

Sarah Brightman, Catering Manager
Sarah Brightman
Catering Manager
(207) 780-4204

Matthew Sanderson, Executive Chef, Portland
Matthew Sanderson
Executive Chef, Portland
(207) 228-8457

Elizabeth DePalma, Office Manager, Portland
Elizabeth DePalma
Office Manager, Portland
(207) 780-4039

Chelsea Yates, RDN
Chelsea Yates, RD, LDN
District Resident Dietitian
(207) 780-5488

coming soon
Brandi Haaf
Marketing Manager
(207) 780-5488

University of Southern Maine | Dining Services | Gorham Campus | 37 College Ave | Gorham, ME 04038 | tel. (207) 780-5420 | Contact Us

University of Southern Maine | Dining Services | Portland Campus | 96 Falmouth Street | Portland, ME 04103 | tel. (207) 780-4039 | Contact Us

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